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Sunday, 14 May 2017

This is what a smug society looks like

It’s Sunday. I hope you went to church. I did. You may agree, that going to church doesn't make us good people. However, it does help to keep us on track; to continue in the very essence of our creation: to know him, and to worship him….
I’m learning to be carefree, sort of. That’s what the Gospel, as read today, enjoins me to do – “Do not let your heart be troubled…”.

But how realistic is this? Can I really, ever be worry-free? I live in a strange clime. There’s always a reason to worry. No, it is more appropriate to say ‘concerned’ not ‘worry’.

After church today, I sit (and would later hunch over my laptop) to review few incidents that occurred in the past week of which I feel concerned. I will tell you about them.

I choose only two.

First, during the week, I read how Nigeria’s political fraternity, the ones you call elites gathered in Minna. It was a gathering of the high and mighty, of predatory characters, you know, like vultures. Former head of state, Ibrahim Babangida was to give his daughter in marriage to a Sudanese. That’s a good thing. But that’s not the news. 

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Tuface's Cowardice and Nigeria's Waning Democracy

When someone says you are poor, it does not necessarily mean you have a tag of indigence dangling from your neck; lacking food, water or roof over your head and other 'very' basic necessities of life. Poverty too, is the lack of power and choice, especially in a democracy.

Last Saturday, Nigerians woke to the dispiriting news of Tuface yielding to pressure; and consequently cancelling the proposed (eagerly awaited by many Nigerians) "one voice protest" that was to hold across major cities in the country. The music maestro was on the verge of making incredible statement, until he burst the bubble that Saturday morning.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A Night of Conversation with the Icons

It promises a beautiful night of literature as Thought Pyramid Arts Centre hosts the brilliant duo of Elnathan John, author of Born on a Tuesday and Abubakar Adam Ibrahim author of Season of Crimson Blossoms.

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.
See you there.