Wednesday, 1 April 2015

As we await change

Hello IUB readers,
the political environment in Nigeria got a little more than saturated in the past few weeks. And after the election last Saturday it was all foggy and unpredictable, the whole country enveloped in that pendant, palpable anxiety, apprehension, excitement as the votes were counted at the ICC Abuja. Some said the experience was a little more than "who wants to be a millionaire".
Finally, and thankfully, at about 5:15 pm yesterday it rained. President Goodluck Jonathan, conceding defeat, had called and congratulated General Buhari. It was such a huge relief. It was more than water showering from the high sky, no, it was wild excitement, unprecedented celebration, victory for Nigeria; there was love in the air. The social media went agog with congratulatory "love" messages. The world had their eyes on us. A new government was born. I like the way Pa Ikhide.R Ikheloa put it, "the change of baton between the PDP and the APC, that breakaway faction of the PDP." hmmm!
Truly, that exchange of baton is long overdue. Come may 29 it will happen.
Change is what nearly everybody says now. But what about those credible policies and projects by the out-going government? Should the APC really jettison them? We would like to hear from you, in few sentences perhaps, the key areas you would like the incoming government effect CHANGE.
Remember, democracy is about the people. Be part of the process. Share your thought. You could get a mention in our upcoming post.
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