Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Rainbow will come, I know

The man must be dead who refuses to dream; who has stopped believing. There is no life in him. But life (and strength) comes from, and is in him who knows and believes that “the world makes way for the man who knows where he is going…”

In every “casting down”, I know there is a “lifting up”. I am a firm believer. Yes. I am.
It has been ages (and I miss you guys) since I said or shared anything here. I have been on a hibernate mode, grossly distracted by life issues.  My friend calls it “life grinds”. They try to knock me off the ground. The latest of all that happened was devastating, a deep shock. It still shocks.  But pain demands to be felt. I know. I have a child-like believe in what I do. I believe in it, the way people believe in fairytales. And that’s why I can’t stop.

My blogger friend, Chiegboka once wrote about her ItchyFingers, “…my fingers …have been silent for so long, the joints ache to come back to life. They had big dreams when they were firmer and more agile: (and boasted of) how they would produce bestsellers …, how they would stun the world with amazing things they could create. But fingers, like the voice, get lazy and uninspired when they are held silent as precious time passes…”

Chiegboka’s description vividly captures my quandary. But I am coming out fine. And so, in the middle of this storm, I believe the sun will shine yet again. And I hope you join faith with me. I believe so much, that “if you want the rainbow, you have to deal with the rain first” which is what is happening to me now - the rain. And eventually the rainbow, I know, will come.

Thanks for stopping by.